And They Shall Walk



 Based on the remarkable true story of Elizabeth Kenny, a self-trained Australian Bush nurse who was the first one to identify Poliomyelitis as a systemic disease.  Adamantly opposed to immobilizing children's bodies with plaster casts or braces, she developed a controversial new approach for treating victims. Sister Kenny was strongly opposed by the medical establishment, but the final acceptance of her methods led to the relief of suffering for millions of children.

No Job for a Lady



 Based on the true story of Phyllis Lose, the first woman in the US to become a practicing veterinarian.  She faced strong opposition, firstly to be accepted into a male only graduate course, then to be taken seriously as a practitioner by the conservative 

Southern horse breeders

Dr Ignaz Semmelweis



 Based on the true story of German Hungarian physician Ignaz Semmelweis, who discovered the cause of puerperal (childbed) fever and introduced antisepsis into medical practice.  Bitterly opposed by the medical establishment, who set out to destroy him, he became the father of modern antisepsis.